Club History

Old Banners

In 1968, Tom Sutherland, a Youth Aid Officer, and Jack Underhill set up an unofficial swimming club for children at the Cannons Creek Pool. Around 200 children attended this club once a week, paying a 10 cent fee to enter the pool.

In 1972, the club became official when the Cannons Creek Amateur Swimming Club was formed. The club's primary purpose was to satisfy the local need to teach children to swim, competitive swimming was as a secondary role. These clubs were predecessors to Mana Swimco which was established as an Incorporated Society on 29 April 1992.

Concurrently in 1998 Tawa Aquatic Swim School, TASS, was formed training at the Porirua Aquatic Centre under Nevill Sutton. In 2005 TASS changed its name to Porirua Swimming Club in order to better reflect the Porirua community it was operating within..

In 2009 Mana Swimco and Porirua Swimming Club agreed to merge. This merger was effected by the Porirua Swimming Club members transferring to the Mana Swimco club and the club subsequently renaming itself to Porirua City Aquatics.

Porirua City Aquatics has a proud record of service to the people, and in particular to the children of our community. We are indebted to those members who founded and have administered our club and our predecessing clubs.

Club Life Members: 
Tom Sutherland (dec) - Mana Swimco
Dawn Sutherland - Mana Swimco
Eileen Adams - Mana Swimco
Vivien Morton - Mana Swimco 2002
Tom Berryman - Mana Swimco 2003
Adrienne Brocklehurst - TASS
Rhonda Graham - TASS
Gill Hart - TASS
Dennis Keating - TASS
Swimming Wellington Service Awards
Peter Law - 1978
Peter Matthews - 1986
Eileen Adams - 1988
Tom Berryman - 1988
Vivien Morton - 1996
Siegmund Wieser - 2004
Karen Fugle - 2005
Graham Seagull - 2005
Linda George - 2009
Nevill Sutton - 2010
Matt Meehan - 2011
Sarah Tait - 2012
Onolata Little - 2015
Brent Harris - 2016
Gillian Kalafatelis - 2016
Terry Laws - 2016
Swimming Wellington Honours Awards
Eileen Adams - 2002
Vivien Morton - 2006
Swimming Wellington Life Membership
Vivien Morton - 2010
Swimmng New Zealand Honours Award
Eileen Adams - 2008
Vivien Morton - 2011
Nevill Sutton - 2012
Swimmng New Zealand Service Award
Tom Berryman - 1992
Eileen Adams - 1994
Vivien Morton - 2001
Rhonda Graham - 2004
Matt Meehan - 2015
Graham Seagull - 2016