Earthquake Procedures

In the event of an earthquake during any club or squad training sessions swimmers are to go to the centre of the pool and are not to try and climb out of the water. Spectators should sit and cover their heads with their hands as there is unlikely to be enough furniture to shelter under.

Recent big earthquakes have shown those trying to exit a pool were injured (broken bones etc) when the swell of the water bashed them against the sides of the pool. Swimmers should only attempt to exit the pool when the water has calmed down.

In the event of a sizeable earthquake everyone in the complex would be under the direction of the pool staff who may ask that you vacate the building. Everyone needs be aware of the emergency exits – at Cannons Creek these are the front entrance, the new door on the far side of the pool and the rear doorway, near the family changing rooms.

The assembly point is on the grass behind the building.

The pool staff will determine if the building is safe to re-enter, if the building is deemed unsafe you will not be able to re-enter the complex, and any property left behind will not be able to be uplifted. Please ensure thay any personal items (Car Keys, Phones etc) are kept close to hand, you should not delay your exit to find any gear.

Given the number of recent quakes having a spare towel and jersey in your car may be prudent.

Last updated 30 July 2023

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